Five social initiatives of President Nazarbayev: Gasification of the country

Five social initiatives of President Nazarbayev: Gasification of the country

Providing the population with access to natural is one of the five social initiatives of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Nine regions are currently provided with the blue fuel. The Head of State has ordered construction of the Saryarka gas main pipeline from Kyzylorda to Astana. It will be followed by construction of the gas pipelines leading to central and northern regions of the country. Both environmentalists and economists are in favor of the project. Simple calculations prove that the use of gas is not only fairly harmless to the environment, but is also economically profitable.


 - In order to heat the upper floors of multi-storey buildings, we are forced to use electric pumps that operate on electricity. In return this leads to an additional increase of electricity costs. Therefore, the heat supply is very expensive for both the individual users and businesses. If the population is supplied with gas, and everyone will use gas for heating, the tariffs will decrease 3-4 times.

The first stage of the project is to build the main gas pipeline from the south to the north which includes two districts of the Akmola region. According to the representatives of the Energy, Housing and Communal Services Department, the budget application for financing of design is under development. Nearby areas of Astana will soon be provided with gas.


 - It will pass through the Akmola region via the territory of the Arshaly and also Tselinogradskoye districts. Soon we have to supply these areas with gas and we are planning to build distribution networks connecting the consumers before the gas pipeline is built.

The 427-kilometer long Saryarka gas pipeline will pass through the territory of the Akmola region. It will provide nearly 3 million people with gas.