Talented Timur Ryspekov was included in the “100 New Faces of Kazakhstan” list

A seventeen year-old Kazakh school student is the author of many inventions. Last year, talented Timur Ryspekov was included in the “100 New Faces of Kazakhstan” list. There are about 50 research projects in the young man’s list of works. 28 of them are patented. It all started with a calculator able to solve any tasks. The latest development is a robot that determines the level of environmental pollution. 


 - I order some details from the Internet, some of them I buy at radio markets. Previously, I developed projects on my own. Now I have a team. For instance, I teach software development to my friend Danil Shestopalov for a new project.

Timur was invited to study in Canada in 2016. There he delved into studying exact sciences – physics, mathematics and chemistry. He worked in mining industry. The young man’s undeniable talent was recognized in Canada – he was included in the top 25 young mathematicians list.


 - He has a dream of opening a big data center for software development. I think he will fulfill his dream because he communicate well will everyone – both adults and children. We have a robotics club, where primary school students study. Middle school and high school students also want to study with him. He explains lessons for them.

Now Timur is not only a school student, he also takes online classes of the world’s biggest universities. An international company is interested in his works and wants to buy a share in one of his patents.