Development of gastronomic tourism in Kazakhstan

Astana is in the heart of Eurasia. The number of foreign tourists visiting the Kazakh capital is growing every year. There is number of reasons for a growing tourist flow. Creation of Astana International Financial Center, Astana EXPO 2017 and other important events allow Astana to be the economic and cultural center of the region. Foreign businessmen, politicians, diplomats and travelers are introduced to the Central Asian cuisine in the capital of Kazakhstan. Astana is full of traditional-style restaurants and cafes with Central Asian cuisines. Traditional dishes earn the love of foreign guests with delicate taste and unusual combination of ingredients. According to the spokesperson of one of the popular restaurants of the Uzbek cuisine in Astana Jahongir Jaloliddinov, foreign guests usually order traditional pilaf and lagman.


 - Every day, there are three or four tables are occupied by foreign guests.  Mostly Germans, Chinese and Koreans like our cuisine and order our lagmans and pilafs.

Mirkhosil Mirzakhmedov is a chef with rich experience who is convinced that the Uzbek cuisine attracts foreigners with its unique taste. This is because of the use of numerous flavorings which makes every meal delicious. For example, the main dish of the Uzbek people is pilaf which is not just a combination of fresh meat, rice and vegetables, but also a precisely verified number of different spices. However, experts say a good pilaf requires more than a precise count of proportions of the ingredients.


 - The secret of a delicious pilaf is all about the chef. The dish which is cooked with love and from the heart will always taste good. Therefore, it is very important that the chef has the appropriate mood before cooking. I am from Uzbekistan and it is interesting to me to work here in Kazakhstan. I like the fact that our national cuisine is so popular here.

Every year, there is a growing interest in new culinary tourism in the world. Gastronomic tours are organized in many countries. Kazakhstan as the center of the Eurasian continent and a gateway of Central Asia has a great potential for the development of culinary tourism which can attract attention not only to the republic, but to the entire region.