Five initiatives of President Nazarbayev: Expert opinions

According to foreign experts, five social initiatives are an extension of the strategic policy of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev who aims to build a competitive country with a high level of social protection of the population. According to Bundestag member, Axel Fischer, this is a large-scale program aimed at improving the well-being of the Kazakhs and training the highly qualified specialists for the country.


 - I believe that the social initiatives of the President, from providing the natural gas to the population to the tax cuts, are very important. The number of educational grants will increase in Kazakhstan. These are great news. Kazakhstan needs highly educated professionals who will develop the country. The country has a clear strategy. I am glad that Kazakhstan is confidently moving step by step towards its goal.

According to Chinese experts, Kazakhstan is on the right path. Professor Wang Xianju believes that providing the natural gas to the population, minimizing the tax burden and new business opportunities will contribute to lives of citizens. In addition, the expert said that literate and educated young people are the basis for sustainable development of the republic.


 - The head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed to provide the population with blue fuel, which will significantly improve the quality of life of citizens. This will also allow solving environmental issues in the country. We see that Nursultan Nazarbayev pays much attention to a younger generation. Allocation of additional scholarships, access to higher education, and support to the younger generation allow your country to receive a generation of highly qualified specialists. There is a proverb among the Chinese people: "A highly educated person will see far." Supporting the youth is the most effective investment in the future of the state.