El Arna – Kazakhstan’s first film channel

First Kazakh movie channel El Arna was established a year ago. It presents feature films and documentaries, series and short films, best films from Kazakhstan’s treasured reserves as well as thematic and educational programs for aspiring filmmakers and film-lovers.


 - When we opened the channel we started working closely with the Kazakh Film studio where Kazakhstan’s treasured films and 80% of films produced in Kazakhstan are kept. We have launched several shows about films, actors and directors; we have also made many promo videos and image-making videos about the channel.

The channel airs non-stop: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Feature films and documentaries are aired on weekdays and soap opera lovers can enjoy watching the domestic TV series on the weekends. The channel’s creative team has set ambitious goals. First of all, they are planning to promote domestic films and win the viewers’ interest in the Kazakh films. El Arna channel’s management also plans to cooperate with the local film companies and produce new films.


 - I think that El Arna channel will remain a niche channel; it can become a family channel as well. We have age restriction of 12 years. With El Arna channel’s establishment aspiring film directors, script writers, actors have more opportunities to express their creativity and gain popularity. I think that there will be more people willing to make films, and healthy competitive environment will bring about innovation and improvement.

El Arna channel’s upcoming plans include cooperating with film schools, film festivals and film institutions. The new channel’s management plans to create a film platform where experienced and aspiring filmmakers can communicate and maintain a constant contact with TV audience. Viewers in Kazakhstan now have El Arna channel where they can watch a variety of film categories including auteur films, art house, short films, documentaries and all genres of fiction films.