Economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and Moldova

Officials and businessmen of Kazakhstan and Moldova are interested in expanding economic cooperation. Last year, the trade turnover between the countries amounted to US$44 million, which is 30% higher compared to 2016. The representatives of the two countries have the potential and willingness to further develop business and trade ties. For that, they will organize an international business forum aimed at creating a meeting platform of the Kazakh and Moldovan entrepreneurs.


 - We are planning to organize a business forum between Kazakhstan and Moldova with involvement of the European countries. Moreover, our neighbors such as Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and guests from Ukraine are going to attend the forum. We have not had such business forums in Moldova for more than 20 years. We hope the platform will give a new momentum to our ties. You will be able to see our advancements in financial, economic and agricultural areas.

Governments of Kazakhstan and Moldova signed an agreement on the duty-free trade. The free economic zone in the Eurasian Economic Union ensures the supply of the Kazakh goods to Europe through a transit corridor.


 - I think that Moldova has huge projects and great prospects in the Eurasian market. I want to highlight the fact that this year we achieved the agreement with the Eurasian Economic Commission. We’ve got an observer status. We are expecting the increase of exports, including those to Kazakhstan.

Entrepreneurs from Moldova are particularly interested in the investment climate of Kazakhstan. The country’s political and economic stability plays an important role in attracting the investors.


 - Today Kazakhstan is part of the Commonwealth of Independent States which sees growth in manufacturing, population, GDP and social costs.  The country retained its territory and maintained friendly relations with all its neighbors. I believe that we have a lot of mutually interesting projects in manufacturing, oil refining and transit. Kazakhstan is a huge market for us.

The representatives of Kazakhstan and Moldova are ready to discuss new opportunities of development at the forthcoming International Business Forum.