Retired journalist Kusman Igissinov

The establishment of Kazakh television promoted revival of the national consciousness in Kazakhstan, retired journalist Kusman Igissinov believes. In the 70th he took part in launching of the first television programs in the Kazakh language: “Aitys”, “Altybakan”, “Ushkyn”, “Atameken” that gained popularity from the first days. The founder of Kazakh television dedicated over 40 years to his favorite job and now he warmly recalls the beginning of his creative work.


- In 1966 when I was a third year student Sovet Mazgutov was our teacher at the Kazakh National University. I have never met anyone like him in terms of creativity. He is a unique person. Sovet Mazgutov invited me to work on television. In 1974 we made a program “Myn da bir rakhmet”. I wrote the script and Sovet Mazgutov went on air from the conference hall of the Agricultural institute with the first outside broadcast van. And it was for the first time in the history of Kazakh television.

Television completely captivates people, the journalism professional says. He still works on television but off screen sharing his experience with aspiring journalists. Television veterans have established foundation of Kazakh television with their professionalism, persistence and hard work. Their names will forever remain in the history of Kazakhstan’s media industry.