Number of grants for Kazakh students is increasing in Hungary

According to Hungarian ambassador to Kazakhstan, Andras Baranyi, the number of grants for Kazakh students is increasing in Hungary. The ambassador said that Budapest allocated 200 grants for students from Kazakhstan to study in Hungary in 2018-2019. In total 90 scholarships are available to students enrolling in bachelor's degree, 60 scholarships are assigned to people enrolling in master's degree, and 30 scholarships are offered for medical, legal and other programs. The 20 fellowships are assigned as part of the doctoral studies. The diplomat said that the students will be provided with free accommodation and medical insurance. In addition, a monthly scholarship is expected.


- Kazakhstan is one of the top five partners in terms of the number of scholarships provided. This reflects our strategic partnership between our countries. On February 19th, a principle decision was taken in Budapest to further increase the amount of scholarships from 200 to 250. Thus, I suppose that the first contest will be held from 2019 to 2020.