President Nazarbayev congratulates the people of Kazakhstan on Nauryz

President Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulated the people of Kazakhstan on the holiday of Nauryz. The Head of State wished prosperity, happiness, unity and success to the people.


 - Dear fellow countrymen! I congratulate you on the bright holiday of Nauryz. We have achieved a lot during the 26 years of independence. We were able achieve this much only because we were united as a nation. The world is rapidly changing. Economies, technologies are changing, and the environment around us is changing too. We must be able to keep up with such quick progress. Today we have various state programs that respond to the challenges of the time. One of them is a technological revolution. There is also the Modernization of Public Consciousness program. Kazakhs say “Have a nice trip.” May a trip always be easy for those traveling. May our country always be on the right path. I want to wish wellbeing, happiness, unity, success and prosperity to all the people of Kazakhstan.

President Nazarbayev attended a musical performance in Astana dedicated to the arrival of spring. Theater, opera and ballet artists were involved in the performance held in the new Congress Center at the expo site.  The play was accompanied by classical music of famous Kazakh composers played by the symphony orchestra. Festivities and entertainment events are ongoing across Kazakhstan.