More than 200 events are planned within the framework of the Year of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan

Kazakh government has announced 2018 the Year of Uzbekistan. More than 200 events will be organized as part of the initiative. This will contribute to strengthening of ties between the nations, the officials believe. The decision is an important step in development of cultural and humanitarian relations between the two countries, highlighting the common historical heritage and the cultural affinity between the Uzbeks and Kazakhs.


 - We are planning to organize days of the Uzbek cinema in Taraz, Shymkent, Turkestan and Kyzylorda. Therefore, we will make new feature film. Concerts and performances are planned in Saryagash, Turkestan, Kyzylorda and Shymkent. Astana will host an exhibition of the Uzbek women's clothing and applied art. I think that the events will be held at a high ideological and artistic level.

Abai Kunanbayev's heritage will be paid special attention during this year. Collections of selected works of the great Kazakh poet as well as literary and analytical articles titled "Uzbek-Kazakh Literary Links" are ready for publishing. Literary evenings with participation of famous poets, writers and scientists will take place in higher educational institutions, schools and military units of Tashkent. On August 10th, in honor of Abai’s birthday, a poetic meeting will take place at Abai’s monument in the Uzbek capital. The Nizami Tashkent State Pedagogical University will host an exhibition titled ‘Abai and the Uzbek literature.’


- Abai is an outstanding poet with academic knowledge. Therefore, I think the decree of our president is very significant. First of all, Abai's poems and Words of Edification will be an instruction to young people. Thanks to his works, children learn patriotism, observe and preserve the Kazakh traditions.

The cultural events will take place in all regions of Kazakhstan. In return, the year of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan will be held in 2019.