Astana Process: Expert opinions

Astana Process is one of the most important steps in Kazakhstan’s peace-making policy. The neutral dialogue platform’s activities on ending the armed conflict in Syria have demonstrated its relevance. Astana Process has become synonymous to normalization efforts to solve the situation in Syria and the effective instrument of promoting peace and stability. Political scientists believe that as a member of the UN Security Council, Kazakhstan promotes international security. Foreign ministers of the three guarantor states met in Astana on March 16. According to the experts, the meeting was held in the atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding. 


 - I can be honest with you until before Kazakhstan stepped up and took this position we were hopeless. So from the heart from everything we have we thank you, we thank the Kazakhstani President and the Kazakhstani government for all the support they did, sponsoring Astana was a miracle. I think that this is may be one of the most successful processes I’ve ever witnessed. Before the Astana we were divided, separated, fighting group, now we have hope.


 - The number of negotiation rounds will depend on the changes at the Syrian front. It’s recognition of Kazakhstan’s role as an important country that as part of its multi-vector policy can offer a neutral discussion platform aimed at solving the most pressing issue for the international politics.