Kazakh television marks 60th anniversary: Work of filmmakers

They are the true magicians of the television. They are the most important element in implementing ideas. They are the ones who breathe life into pictures. The work of television will never be complete without directors of photography. They have certainly made a significant contribution to the establishment of Kazakh television. Working over the control board, they easily put frames into a right direction. With their efforts, the video sequence is more balanced, they set the necessary pace and music. It was never difficult for directors to get the necessary effect with viewers. Sholpan Baimuldina was the first female director on Kazakh television. “God-created director”, intellectual of the highest caliber – that’s how she is remembered by her family and colleagues.


 - Director is a creator of a live picture. It is not life itself. It is what a director thinks what this life is, how it should look like, and Sholpan had this unique talent. This was said not only by us, but by our foreign friends. Sholpan was able to reveal a person, even as we often say, to gaze into one’s soul and that’s why many people that she filmed later were grateful to her.

The director has created a lot of documentaries about life of outstanding women, history of Kazakhstan, the Second World War. She participated in organizing the first teleconferences, “Almaty-Delhi” and “Almaty-Tokyo”. Sholpan Baimuldina was passionate about her job – she dedicated 30 years of her life to the Kazakh television. 

It’s no coincidence that a television director is compared to an orchestra conductor. The quality of a television product and a program’s success depend on his professional skills. Modern technologies have significantly facilitated a director’s work, but the requirements for the specialists have not changed. Creative ideas, knowledge of the latest trends, ability to fulfill a script on the screen and a unique style – it is not possible to imagine a television director without these qualities.


 - A director’s work at television is very versatile. A director goes to shootings, chooses location and plans the picture details with specialists. Creative intuition is often needed to implement ideas of the creative crew. And besides creativity, it is necessary to follow the standards of television in our work. Professional broadcasting is a very complex technical process that involves work of many specialists. And a director serves as a link between creativity and technology.

Television veterans laid a solid foundation for the development of directorial work at modern TV. Their ever burning love for their work, unusual creative views and the highest professionalism have become the source of inspiration for young generation… and a high standard that the modern television workers aspire to meet.