Khabar Agency honors the veterans of the Kazakh television

Khabar Agency honors the veterans of the Kazakh television

Khabar Agency honors the veterans of the Kazakh television. In the past 60 years, Kazakhstan’s television has brought up several generations of broadcast workers and has gifted Kazakhstan with a whole range of names and professionals of their craft. Tleukabyl Mynzhassar has worked on television for 25 years and educated more than a generation of broadcast journalists. He has prepared a thousand reports and was at the center of many events. “We’ve become more professional at the epicenter of news”, the master of Kazakh journalism says.


 - One day I came from Zhambyl region with a report. Lyazzat Tanysbay was an anchor. I asked her if we will manage to air the report in time, since only one hour was left, she replied yes, you will make it, just write it. Then I wrote it, edited the video and only five minutes were left till the air time. I took the cassette, ran to the studio, Lyazzat has already started reading the introduction text to my report. I quickly gave the cassette, and it was immediately aired. There were lots of fun stories. 

Kairat Atakeldiyev took the profession of a cameraman as the work of his life. He started his career in television at the Khabar Agency.  The media company didn’t have a regular work schedule. Filming took place both day and night, in Kazakhstan and abroad. Sometimes the cameraman had to risk his life to get a good shot.


 - Once a cameraman from BBC visited us to exchange experience. He gave us master classes for a month. He admitted that he was surprised. At the BBC certain cameramen were assigned only to certain types of events while in Khabar a cameraman can film every event.

The veterans who contributed to the development of the Kazakh television were invited to Astana. They gavve lectures and shared their experience with the pioneer journalists. They will take honorable seats at the Tumar National Television Awards Ceremony.