Two new eco-tours to Burabai have been developed

Kazakhstan’s tourist potential is gaining momentum. For this purpose, the country has all highlights like various archaeological monuments, ancient traditions, original culture and the richest nature. The new two eco-tours have been developed for tourists in Burabai. Accompanied by a guide, tourists will cros only 15 kilometers from the resort and can get to the center of preparation of national drinks of the Kymyzyn-ai village. The villagers carefully store ancient recipes and technologies. Guests will be able to get acquainted with traditions of ancient Kazakhs and find out why the place was named Burabai. Another route leads to the Maral Breeding Farm. Ecotours will be available this month.


 - The highlight of the Shchuchinsk-Burabay resort zone is an eco-route which leads to the territory of the Kymyzan-ai Livestock Complex and Maral Breeding Farm. Tourists can observe camels, horses and sheep as well as take pictures. They can also see how the mare is milked, how the kumis and shubat are made and of course taste them.

Officials of the Almaty region intend to attract up to 2 million tourists this year. For this purpose, new tourist destinations like gastronomic, ethnographic and camping  will be developed in the region. In 2018, the 33 tourist facilities worth  5.5 billion tenge will be built in the region. The amusement park with Kazakh heroes is also aimed at attracting tourists in the Almaty region. The site has a spa and a golf club. The region has 680 facilities. Over the past three years, the number of tourists has increased by 77%.


 - On the basis of the tourist information center of the Almaty region we will create an excursion bus park. The vehicles will be acquired for this and we will build transport logistics at tourist routes of the Almaty region.

Officials of the North Kazakhstan region develop medical, ecological and children's tourism. In order to development the kids’ tourism, a palace of schoolchildren with IT was erected in the new ‘Zhasorken’ micro district in Petropavl. In addition, this year new hotels will be opened and the railway station will be modernized in the region.