Central Asia: focusing on regional integration

Accelerated development and mutually beneficial economic partnership have become main guidelines of the Central Asian republics. According to the Kazakh political scientists, integration processes of the region are gaining momentum. The leaders of the five republics intend to start joint implementation of new programs that meet the long-term interests of the region’s states.


- If we can create a strong stable base, then the Central Asian countries can work economically together. We can act as a united front in terms of economy. If we strengthen our economic interaction, this will have the positive impact on the level of competitiveness of our economies.   We can speak about qualitative economic development if there is competition. The rapprochement of our economies meets our interests regarding economic development and ensuring the competitiveness of our countries.

According to analysts, the range of priority areas of cooperation is very wide. The areas include growth in trade turnover, increase in mutual investment, development of agriculture and export of goods, solutions of water resources and strengthening regional security. The analysts are confident that joining efforts and opportunities of the countries will create a stable economic space in the region. They think that such a platform will become a foothold for implementing new large-scale mutually beneficial projects.