Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will restore the Aral Sea

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will start implementing joint environmental projects. One of the projects is aimed at preservation of the Aral Sea basin. For this purpose, scientists of the two countries established a special working group. They are planning a 5-year program and involvement of international specialists. The southern part of the Aral is located in Uzbekistan. Therefore, the joint efforts of the two countries will allow raising the sea level and improving the ecological situation.


 - Over the past two years, more than 100 projects have been created to provide clean drinking water, to combat consequences of the dried out Aral Sea, to exchange these programs in order to protect the environment, to prevent problems and solve them. This would be a huge contribution to ensuring the future of these regions.

Half a century ago, the Aral Sea was one of the 4 largest lakes in the world. Kazakhstan is doing a lot of work to preserve the sea. The new Kokaral dam was built. Due to this, the level of water in the northern part of the Aral Sea is gradually increasing. A special international fund has been established to preserve the sea.


 - Currently we work together. In order to solve the Aral Sea problem, we intend to create a team. Thanks to this, we adopted a program designed for 4-5 years. Since this is a strategic job this requires a lot of efforts. We agreed with scientists from foreign countries. They will assist in our work.

At the summit in Astana, Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan plan to discuss the Aral Sea topics and the environmental situation in the region.