Kazakhstan-Poland: Points of contact

Tourism in Kazakhstan demonstrates dynamic growth. Development of the industry was greatly influenced by the Astana EXPO 2017 and the abolition of the entry visas to the visitors form a number of countries. According to the Polish tourism association spokesperson, during the international exhibition every month an average of 6000 passengers flew from Poland to Astana and the flights were  90% full on average.


 - Entrepreneurs who work in tourism are often surprised by how much Kazakhstan can offer. Of course, our travelers are interested in visiting historical places and everything connected with winter tourism. First of all, they are interested in mountains. In the future, it can be possible to travel to the coast of the Caspian Sea. Apart from cultural tourism we can offer a very high level of medicine and health tourism.

Kazakhstan and Poland intend to cooperate not only in tourism. In terms of trade and economy, Kazakhstan is Poland’s key partner in Central Asia. Foreign businessmen are ready to invest in the country's economy. For the last 10 years the Polish investments have been estimated at US$250 million.


- We see their interest in processing of agricultural products, particularly, dairy and meat products. Secondly, they want to further develop the pharmaceutical industry in Kazakhstan. Thirdly, they enter the production of agricultural machinery in Kazakhstan. This, I think, is an important factor. It is possible that having such a potential of furniture production, they will move part of their production to Kazakhstan’s territory of one of the regions, to further develop it in the market of the Eurasian Economic Union and Central Asia.

The growing number of enterprises with the Polish content shows that strong and mutually beneficial trade and economic relations between the countries. Today in the republic has more than 200 registered productions.