Five social initiatives by President Nursultan Nazarbayev

President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced five social initiatives at a joint session of the two chambers of the Kazakh parliament. The social initiatives include new measures in improved availability of home loans, reduction of a tax burden on the citizens, expanding microloan opportunities, availability of natural gas in some regions of Kazakhstan, improving the quality of education and making higher education accessible. The president proposed an increase of student scholarships in order to make higher education more affordable.


 - We will allocate additional 20,000 grants, on top of the annually allocated 54,000 grants in 2018 and 2019, of which 11,000 will be allocated for bachelor degree programs in engineering. This degree is in high demand in the new economy and amid the industrial development program that we are implementing.

According to the Head of State, this will help meet the needs for human resources in different fields. These people will be able to push forward some of the most innovative changes in the industries.  


 - We are talking about engineering, computer science, robotics and nanotechnology. The expenses on such agriculture and engineering scholarships in all universities have to be increased to the level of grants of the national universities. These measures will contribute to higher enrollment of students to these programs. This is a global trend. This is our investment in human resources and education.

According to the fourth presidential initiative, banks should increase the amount of microloans by at least 20 billion tenge. As a result, the total amount of loans is worth 62 billion tenge. Increase in microloans will help boost small business.


 - In 2018, we will allocate 20 billion tenge reaching the total amount of 62 billion tenge in lending. People will be able to start their own businesses. 14 thousand people will be covered by microloans. This is twice more compared to 2017. The importance of this initiative lies in the fact that it will allow thousands of people to start their own businesses. I would like to stress that it is especially important for the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas.

Creating access to natural gas is another initiative of the president. Currently, half of the population has access to the commodity in nine regions of Kazakhstan. The initiative assumes a construction of a gas pipeline connecting the west of the country with the north. The pipeline will lie through Temirtau and Astana. Country citizens will have access to cheaper utility - low-cost heating and power source. On top of that, the air quality will improve in those regions due to lesser use of coal.  


 - We will implement the project on construction of the Karaozek gas pipeline in Kyzylorda region that will pass through Zhezkazgan-Karaganda-Temirtau to Astana. If we lay this gas pipeline then we will provide 2.5 million people with natural gas and create new small and medium-sized businesses under absolutely different conditions. Plus, the environment will improve.  In Astana alone, harmful emissions will drop by 6 times, which is 35 thousand tons of solid. Thus, the environment in the cities through which the gas pipeline will pass will improve.

The president highlighted that the implementation of these 5 initiatives will promote further growth of Kazakhstan’s economy.