Kazakhstan is encouraging the European Union to increase its presence in Central Asia

Kazakhstan is encouraging the European Union to increase its presence in Central Asia by attracting more investment into Central Asia. This was voiced by Kazakh Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov during the conference devoted to the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the EU and Central Asia.


 - In general, I encouraged the European Union to be ambitious and expand its presence in Central Asia under the new strategy. Central Asia is becoming the region for competition between and among great nations. We are not going to consider ourselves as a subject for such a competition but we are quite an important and key player in not only the regional scale but also in global one. In order to prove that central Asia is modern where we have peace, stability, security and we are all aspiring to implement sustainable development goals.

The European Union and the Central Asian countries intend to cooperate primarily in areas like energy efficiency, education, environmental protection, rational use of water resources and climate change. The application of new practices in digital transformation that correspond to modern standards is of great importance.


 - Minister Abdrakhmanov also has fulfilled this promise or contributed to fulfilling this promise. When he presented a lot of ideas for shaping the future of our relationship and ideally noted the areas that indicated moving our relationship to the future.

Participants of the meeting also highlight that Central Asia should be more than a transit region. It is important to use the EU’s experience to effectively diversify the economies of the Central Asian states and create highly demanded high-tech industries.