Development of aviation in Kazakhstan

The only plant assembling helicopters in Central Asia that operates in Astan has launched operation over 7 years. It has assembled nearly nearly 30 Eurocopters, particularly the EU-145 and EU-130 models. The domestic enterprise is equipped with modern technologies. According to the company's representatives, all the assembled helicopters will get services here in the future. Today the enterprise successfully operates in the market of neighboring countries. In addition, aircraft from the Central Asian countries use the technical inspection services.  


 - The only company we have in Central Asia is located in Astana. The neighboring countries for example Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Mongolia, use the services for the EU-145 helicopters.

Technicians and pilots of small aircraft can improve their qualification level and undergo retraining at the plant. They learn how to manage the newest flying structure with the help of a special navigation simulator. Thanks to innovative technologies, pilots train in realistic conditions with the exact reconstruction of flight scenarios.


 - To make sure that pilots fly safe, they need to practice to fly with helicopter in different situations including emergency. This procedural training complex allows practicing on the ground, which is safe and lowers the energy costs. This allows us to conduct all these trainings on spot.

In the last four years more than 100 civil and state aviation pilots have been trained. Pilots from the countries of the region are the students of the aviation training center.


 - Since we are the only Central Asian training center, our instructors teach in Russian since it is familiar to the post-Soviet space. In accordance with this we are developing the goal to expand, so our neighbors learn about us and buy helicopters. This is why we conduct trainings. Overall, it is safe and much more affordable than purchasing and studying in Europe.

Today the helicopters of the plant are effectively used in sanitary aviation, rescue and search operations. The power structures of Kyrgyzstan are interested in the Kazakh aviation equipment. In general, the domestic enterprise intends to increase export services and actively enter the Central Asian market.