The Association of Ecological Organizations of Kazakhstan was presented in New York

The Association of Ecological Organizations of Kazakhstan was presented in New York. Representatives of leading environmental associations of the republic took part in the international discussion platform G-Global. The Association was founded at the end of last year in Kazakhstan, and is led by Aliya Nazarbayeva. The board of trustees includes Nobel laureate in green economy Rae Kwon Chung. Consolidation of the eco-community is aimed to unite the efforts aimed at developing a green economy, improving people’s quality of life, protecting the environment, and promoting the principles of a green lifestyle. The association

Leaders are planning to start cooperation with the Organization of Security and Co-operation in Europe.


- At the moment we are working on organizing a separate session on the basis of the Astana Economic Forum, which will be dedicated to protecting the  environment and solving the environmental problems. We wanted to take advantage of this G-Global platform in order to attract the maximum number of participants to discuss this issue and develop systemic strategic solutions for the environment not only in Kazakhstan, but also on the scale of the entire world community. Many know that our President initiated the creation of an international center of "green" technologies. We would like to take into account international experience and draw international experts when creating and promoting sounded initiatives.