President of Kazakhstan gave an interview to China Central Television

Kazakh President gave an interview to CCTV China Central Television. During the conversation with the journalist, Nursultan Nazarbayev answered questions about cooperation between Kazakhstan and China, as well as bilateral cooperation within "Nurly Zhol" and "One Belt, One Road" programs.


 - We have already completed the construction of the dry port Khorgos and the new railway that connected the southern Kazakhstan with Europe, as well as the construction of the 2700 kilometers long highway ZE-ZK. All the highways and roads are already in operation. Khorgos let us open a terminal at the port of Lianyungang in the Pacific, and now the containers of Southeast Asia and other countries that want to participate are shipped to Europe within 12-15 days, which is  2.5-3 times faster than by sea, and this is the main advantage. The number of containers is increasing every year. This gives Kazakhstan an opportunity to make revenue and open enterprises along the way of this belt. In addition, this road allows us to access the Persian Gulf through the Caspian Sea and Iran. Chinese goods can safely be shipped there.