Astana Process: Next round of negotiations on Syria will be held in the second half of February

The next round of negotiations on Syria as part of Astana Process will be held in the capital of Kazakhstan in the second half of February. This was announced by Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Kairat Abdrakhmanov. The prevention of armed conflict in Syria is the main goal of the guarantor countries. According to foreign experts, the representatives of Russia, Iran and Turkey have a lot to discuss. The recent meeting in December last year in the capital of Kazakhstan resulted in adoption of a provision on the working group for the release of hostages, prisoners, the transfer of bodies of the deceased and the search for missing persons. The participants have also made a joint statement on the humanitarian demining process in Syria.


- We are constantly in touch with representatives of the guarantor countries on the Astana Process on the peaceful settlement of the situation in Syria. According to the information we receive from our foreign colleagues, they are actively preparing for the next round of the Astana Process. As per the preliminary plan, and as they agreed during the previous talks in Astana, it will be held after the 20th of February. The guarantor countries are working on the agenda.

The Syrian conflict causes concern, becoming a part of international politics. The Astana Process plays an important role in stabilizing the world. The Kazakh President pays special attention to the protracted crisis in the Middle East in his book "The Era of Independence".


«Having weighed all the circumstances and understanding the global importance of the events, I decided to render assistance and offered Astana as a neutral platform for negotiations. Kazakhstan's initiative converged with the vision of Russia and Turkey and was adopted. This meant that the world community trusted Kazakhstan, saw it as a reliable, stable, open partner, and saw Astana as an optimal place for a serious dialogue».