60 billion tenge will be allocated for the modernization of the Shchuchinsk-Borovsky resort zone

Kazakhstan’s tourism is going to become a driving force of the country’s economy. For this purpose, all conditions are created in the country. Today, 4 directions of the industry are prioritized for development. In general, a national tourist product is formed which includes ethno and ecotourism, demonstration of nomadic culture, sports and entertainment events as well as adventure tours. The influx of travelers will contribute to the development of the Burabai resort. In the next two years the Shchuchinsk -Burabai resort will be completely modernized. New modern facilities will be built. More than 60 billion tenge have been allocated for these purposes.


 - A number of modern hotels will be located on the resort’s territory. Moreover, there will be entertainment centers, a water park, an ice rink and restaurants. Moreover, there will be a project for construction of residential real estate at the 3rd stage and private residences. This year, water supply, electricity and sewage have been provided. In fact, all conditions are created for an investor to come and build these facilities.

The total area of ​​233 hectares for construction has already been allocated. The site is located between the two lakes, specifically, Bolshoye Chebachye and Tekekol. According to the department, there is only need to search for potential investors. Businessmen from Russia, Poland, the Arab and the Southeast Asian countries are already showing interest. The total amount of investments is estimated at US$500 million. The Spanish consulting company was engaged in development of the new resort’s project. Experts note that an effect of the development of this tourist area can be huge.


 - The way it has been done is what we call 4th generation resort which means integrating a lot of different facilities not only having hotels or residential but also bringing leisure facilities that can be used during winter time and also during summer time.

In the near future the resort will be able to welcome guests all year round. There will be 5 five-star hotels, a water park and a ski base for biathlon and track, as well as entertainment centers, restaurants and an ice skating rink. According to authors of the project, new facilitates will meet all environmental standards.


 - The Kazakh Lapland entertainment complex was established owing to the president’s initiative. The Yelikti Park ski base and the Abylai Khan glade are ways to make Burabai year-round tourist destination.

In general, according to experts, the rest in Kazakhstan's Switzerland will become more comfortable and affordable. The higher the competition is the better the service.