Year of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi as part of UNESCO

Istanbul summed up the "Year of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi". The program was implemented as part of UNESCO projects. Over the past two years, about 400 scientific and practical conferences, seminars and meetings devoted to the life and work of the great thinker have been held in 8 countries and 14 cities around the world, the President of the Board of Trustees of Ahmet Yesevi University, Professor Musa Yildiz, said. Large-scale events dedicated to the thinker were held in Turkey. A mock-up of the mausoleum of the founder of Sufi poetry and a religious figure was erected in the center of Istanbul with the support of the city administration. In addition, the Turkish writer Alper Kagan Ucher wrote a novel about Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. Turkey shows special respect for the great scientist, thinker of the Turkic peoples, several schools, colleges and universities were named after Khoja Ahmed Yasawi in Istanbul only.


 - Despite the fact that the year of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi is over, we will continue to study and promote the works of the great thinker. The important work was done. Almaty and Astana hosted symposiums, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan organized scientific conferences with participation of scientists and creative intellectuals of the Turkic world. We will continue this activity in the future.


- The personality of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi is very significant in the cultural and spiritual life of the Turkic world. He played an important role in the spread of Islamic civilization in Anatolia. Therefore, the works of the scientist are honored in Turkey. As part of the Yasawi year, a museum in the form of a yurt was opened in our center. The center includes models of the Taikazan and the Yasawi mausoleum. Tourists and students of universities as well as schoolchildren come to visit the center.

In order to popularize the works of philosopher and religious figure, Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, a collection of fairy tales based on his works was published. His main creation ‘Diwani Hikmet’ was published in a specialized format for people with disability.