«The Korea Herald»: Kazakhstan is model of nuclear disarmament

Joel Lee, journalist at the Korea Herald, published an article about Kazakhstan’s multivector diplomacy on nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation. He says that Kazakhstan has played the role of an honest broker in international conflicts, mediating in the Iranian nuclear deal, Minsk Protocol for resolving crises in eastern Ukraine as well as the Syrian peace talks through the Astana Process which is a track parallel to the UN-led, Geneva-based negotiations. 


 - The whole international community is demanding North Korea to give up nuclear weapons. But there aren’t many countries who are an example and models of having abandoned nuclear weapons and Kazakhstan is a very good example of the country that has abandoned nuclear weapons and has achieved rapid economic growth which is very similar to what South Korea has. I think what the president said is very timely and appropriate and gave a very good message.

According to the journalist, the international community supports Nursultan Nazarbayev’s peacekeeping initiatives voiced at the meeting of the UN Security Council. Kazakhstan is known for its multi-vector diplomacy in the world.