Kazakhstani airline industry enteres new level

Kazakhstan’s aviation industry is developing successfully. Unprecedented passenger traffic, almost seven and a half million people, was recorded last year. This is a record number of passengers over the years of independence. More than nine hundred aircraft have been registered in the republic. Kazakhstani fleet will continue to be replenished. Kazakhstani carriers signed contracts worth $1.3 billion with Boeing as part of Nursultan Nazarbayev's recent visit to the United States. The U.S. will supply nine aircraft. The first aircraft will appear in March 2018. In 2021, three Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets will be delivered to Kazakhstan. Development of small aircraft is prioritized as well.


 - We also purchase small-size aircraft designed for 20 passengers. We are planning to bring such aircraft by the end of the year and register them, and then we will use them between regions. Flights will become more affordable, which will lead to the development of domestic tourism.

A special emphasis will be put on transit flights. According to statistical data, the passenger traffic through Kazakhstan grew by 20% in the last seven years. This figure reached 600,000 people last year.


 - Four years ago Air Astana carried virtually zero traffic via Kazakhstan as a mid-point. Our traffic was virtually entirely 0.2 from and within Kazakhstan. This year that figure has gone from 0 to 15%. Last year it grew 58%. This year it will grow about the same level, but just to make the point, this is being growing this sort of rate for the last four years now. So, this really is a great opportunity.

In addition, domestic airlines are expanding the route networks. This year several international flights will be launched including ‘Astana-Milan’ and ‘Astana-Tyumen’ directions. 6 new international companies intend to open the new routes.


 - We set the goal till 2020 in order to ensure the increase in the transit flow through Kazakhstan to 1 million 600,000 passengers. It was one of the goals in the President's address last year. We plan to increase the overall volume of aviation works in Kazakhstan by 35%, and also to double the volume of cargo transportation with the help of the air transport.

Today, safety of passengers is a priority. Therefore, the British model of state regulation will be introduced into the aviation industry for proper control. The indicator of effectiveness of this control is a high level of the UK’s compliance with the ICAO safety standards which is over 93%. Innovations will allow the domestic industry to meet international standards on the qualified personnel and they will also allow reaching the flight safety at 80%. Today more than 20 educational institutions are engaged in the training of specialists. Recently, a new national company has been assigned to be responsible for the flight safety in Kazakhstan.