Peacekeeping activities of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan gained a reputation of an authoritative peacemaker during the years of independence. President Nursultan Nazarbayev has repeatedly acted as a mediator in resolving disputes between other states. Kazakhstani peacekeepers helped protect the borders of Tajikistan during the civil war in 1992, conducted mine clearing in Iraq, delivered humanitarian aid to various parts of the world. Perhaps the most important step on the way to building a safer world was voluntary renunciation of nuclear weapons in August 1991 and the closure of the Semipalatinsk test site. At present, global anti-nuclear initiatives proposed by Kazakhstan are recognized in the UN and in the world.


 - From the very beginning we realized that main strengths of Kazakhstan are not impressive weapons of mass destruction, but openness, peacefulness, sanity and moral authority. These qualities give a nuclear-free state a way more effective force than thousands of warheads. This policy of using a non-lethal weapon to strengthen long-term national security can serve as a model for all times.

The republic actively participates in global processes, including as part of the membership in the UN Security Council. Kazakhstan is a state that calls the conflicting parties for peace. At the same time, the republic provides concrete assistance, including the negotiation platform. Negotiations on the settlement of the Syrian crisis have been held in the capital of Kazakhstan since the beginning of last year. With the launch of the Astana process, the situation in the Middle Eastern country has stabilized: de-escalation zones have been created, access to humanitarian aid has been ensured, and a peaceful life is being restored. 


 - Kazakhstan is playing a very important role for example you offered to play a role in Syrian crisis, in Turkish crisis between Russia which was very important. And I am aware that your president has already the foreign policy of Kazakhstan in terms of what they are looking into. This is going to be a profile building opportunity for Kazakhstan in international community.

Kazakhstan's successful experience in organizing international negotiations is also emphasized in the ‘Korea - Central Asia’ Cooperation Forum Secretariat. They talked about the importance of the proposals of Nursultan Nazarbayev announced at the meeting of the UN Security Council. Experts said that the possibility of providing a negotiations platform for settling the North Korean crisis was quite promising and timely.


 - I fully support the initiatives of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. North Korea ignored the treaty on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and set a bad example for other countries. Therefore, the UN Security Council was forced to toughen measures against North Korea. Kazakhstan is a country that has experience in renouncing nuclear weapons, so the proposal to provide a platform for negotiations has a very deep meaning and I think that the world should listen to what North Korea wants.

Kazakhstan has been actively participating in the work of the UN Security Council for the second year, raising the most pressing security issues at the Organization's headquarters in New York and making a contribution to building a safe world. The Kazakh capital may again act as an interactive platform for resolving international conflicts soon.