Night of Ideas gathers young people of Astana focusing on a theme “Power to the Imagination”

Scientists, artists, actors, public figures and students of Astana took part in the international project "The Night of Ideas". It is very popular all over the world. A large-scale meeting devoted to the exchange of ideas in the capital of Kazakhstan focused on human imagination and its possibilities. The debate participants shared their thoughts, demonstrated public speaking skills in French, as well as communicative skills. The topic of the debate was very relevant, the participants said.


 - Imagination is a huge power of mankind and our generation for me. The young generation has great opportunities to draw their ideas from their imagination, and generate interesting ideas. We can get a good education, we have a huge network of knowledge platforms that can develop our ideas. It seems to me that we have many opportunities in Kazakhstan.

The meeting organizers were the French Embassy in Kazakhstan and the French Center of Nazarbayev University. The competition winner identified through online voting, and recognized as the best speaker, will receive the main prize - a trip to Paris, the capital of France.