The Era of independence: Interethnic consent

Today the Kazakh model of national unity and interethnic tolerance has become an example for the world community. President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his book titled ‘The Era of Independence’ showed a formula of social unity and identity which is based on principles of friendship, tolerance and joint achievements of strategic goals.

To quote the head of state, “The Kazakh model of interethnic relations is based on the country’s national history which is built on understanding that both ethnic and civic identities are significant. I reminded all our citizens that a citizen is the one who, regardless of his or her origin, has a feeling of inseparability between his or her destiny and the fate of the country. Of course, to build this identity takes time, but this has to be done. The assembly serves as conductor of a new citizenship. Since 1996, Kazakhstan began to celebrate May 1 as the Day of Unity of People of Kazakhstan. The old first of May tradition has acquired a new Kazakh content.”

Representatives of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan got acquainted with the work of the Head of State. They said that the book is important because the author’s name is associated with the era of Kazakhstan’s independence. The author's view of the country’s recent history explains motives of decisions and the significance of historical events.


 - Our country’s history, achievements and successes are connected with strict instructions of the three main principles of domestic policy, specifically, peace, harmony and consolidation. The ethnic and cultural diversity of the republic is a great advantage which is a potential for development.


 - New book is about the title of “Era of Independence of Kazakhstan”. It is just not a book, it is an entire scenario how Kazakhstan developed in these last 26 years. He himself, the president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev  analyzes, explains what kind of development we faced through since last 1991 to 2017.

Representatives of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan proposed to include the book, "The Era of Independence" into the curriculum of Kazakhstan’s universities. The publication was dedicated to the 26 anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan.