The UN theme in the book "The Era of Independence"

In his book “The Era of Independence” Nursultan Nazarbayev mentions that cooperation with the United Nations has become one of the priority areas in Kazakhstan’s foreign policy. Kazakhstan succeeding in joining the UN Security Council was a major diplomatic milestone in the country’s foreign policy.

In his book Nursultan Nazarbayev highlights the significance of joining the UN:

"Full membership in the UN allowed our state to communicate more closely with the leading funds, agencies and programs of this multilateral organization; to successfully defend our national interests in nuclear non-proliferation, economy, health, education, environmental protection, social development; and to bring the country's accumulated positive experience into these areas of international cooperation. With my personal participation in the summits, the UN sessions and conferences, I wanted to highlight how important this international organization is for Kazakhstan."

By joining the international organization, Kazakhstan has reached a qualitatively new level of interaction with other states and has set one of its goals which are strengthening its status as the leading state of Central Asia, capable of promoting and upholding the region’s interests in the international arena.