Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu mausoleum has entered the Sacral Map of Kazakhstan

Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu mausoleum in Eastern Kazakhstan has entered the Sacral Map of Kazakhstan by the decision of the research center of the National Museum. Local ethnographers and authorities of the Ayagoz district are collecting new information about the tragic legend of the two lovers. The locals say that this thousand-year old monument is still hiding many secrets. More research should be done at the historical site, and the mausoleum requires renovation. 475 million tenge has been allocated for the construction of the bridge and roads leading to the historical site. The region makes its significant contribution to the development of tourism in the country.


 - The mausoleum will be renovated in 2018. A warden will look after it. There is the Kodar well nearby. A special nameplate will be mounted on it. This is done to attract more tourists.

More and more valuable exhibits are being found in Kazakhstan. 100-year-old map was discovered in the Akkol district, Akmola region. It was developed by the military topographers of St. Petersburg headed by Major-General Bolshev in 1894. Apparently, this is just a small part or fragment of a larger map. The document was republished and edited and consisted of 21 pages. It contains the full geographical description of districts, towns, rivers and lakes in the north, west, and south-west of Kazakhstan. The map is a rare historical source for Kazakh researchers. According to archivists, these sheets were sent to Stalin’s and now Akkol archive in 1935. Not all the details of the map have been preserved in their original form. Therefore, it requires restoration.


 - We hope that researchers and not only them, after learning about this map, will by all means want to examine it. The document can help in restoration of historical names, geographical sites and historical settlements. We will make a copy of the map soon, maybe in a larger size.