Kazakh students in Germany joined the national campaign "I am a patriot"

Over a thousand Kazakh students are studying in colleges and universities of Germany, majoring a variety of fields from nanotechnology and engineering to logistics and healthcare. Germany is one of the leading European countries, whose universities attract a large number of students from Kazakhstan. Kazakh students in Germany joined the national campaign "I am a patriot". 24-year-old Nurbol Sakenov graduated from the University of Jacobs with a degree in international logistics and engineering. He worked in Hamburg. He is working in Berlin. He believes that his experience will be useful for Kazakhstan that is rapidly developing its logistics.


 - The first goal of my life is to gain experience in the field of logistics in Germany. Logistics is booming in Kazakhstan, but much yet to be improved. I am a patriot of my country, of course. Therefore, I want to contribute to the development of Kazakhstan by applying my experience, I want to be in demand as a specialist.

Another campaign participant is Aliya Narbekova. She is a postgraduate student at one of Germany’s top-ranking universities – the Humboldt University in Berlin. The university is more than 210 years old. Its alumni include many outstanding people. Aliya, kust like Nurbol, wants to be useful for her country.


 - I'm studying political science. Therefore, I wanted to make my contribution in the sphere of international relations. Of course I need to gain some experience. I know five languages: Kazakh, Russian, English, Turkish, and German. Being a true patriot of my country, I want to gain an international experience, and then return to my homeland. I want to work for the prosperity of our economy.

Kazakh students have joined the campaign "I am a patriot" as part of the "Tugan Zher" program. They are promising and ambitious young professionals. Young people dream and believe that they will be able to achieve a common goal of being  useful for Kazakhstan.