The Eurasian Economic Union new Tax Code will come into force on January 1

The EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) new Tax Code will come into force on January 1. The document will simplify and speed up customs formalities and will reduce transit costs. The number of forms for customs control will be reduced up to seven times and the number of operations by eight times. Kazakhstan will shift to electronic customs declaration with orientation to digital technologies. All this is designed to facilitate foreign economic activity and accelerate the integration processes. 17 procedures will be conducted electronically starting from next year.


 - This system is aimed at the introduction of international customs service standards, at declaring goods electronically and at the implementation of a one stop shop principle, that is, interaction with all information bodies, with all information systems of all state bodies inside our country. In my opinion, Kazakhstan is the leader in the introduction of international standards in customs legislation. Our legislation meets all the basic principles.