Kazakhstan and Singapore are developing a partnership in education

Kazakhstan and Singapore are developing a partnership in education. National University of Singapore is one of the world’s 15 top universities. Since 2012, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy has been cooperating with Nazarbayev University. This partnership was made possible due to the friendship of the leaders of the two states.


 - I was well acquainted with Lee Kuan Yew. We were friends and we had met many times. We could talk on this topic for hours. He was a peculiar man. Of course, he did things which many disapproved. He was called autocrat and dictator, but he transformed Singapore from the third world country to the first world state.

Today, the educational programs of the two countries successfully implement a teacher exchange program. During the five-year partnership of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and Nazarbayev University, more than 100 people have been trained in Singapore. Professor of Nazarbayev University, Serik Orazgaliyev has worked at this school for four months.


 - I've been here for several months and I often hear that there are three components that contributed to Singapore's development: pragmatism, meritocracy and honesty.

Graduates of National University of Singapore are already introducing the experience in the republic which they gained from one of the world’s most developed countries. According to experts, cooperation between Kazakhstan and Singapore has great potential.

The states are negotiating the creation of a free trade zone and increasing the time for a visa-free regime.