Cooperation between Kazakhstan and EU

Kazakhstan is an important and reliable regional partner of the European Union in. It is the only country in Central Asia that has signed an agreement on enhanced partnership and cooperation with the EU. This was voiced by Andrejs Mamikins, a member of the European parliament, during his speech on the results of voting on approval of the agreement in the European Parliament. The Agreement was signed in Astana in December 2015 and was temporarily applied from May 1, 2016. The European Parliament passed the agreement December 12.


 - Such a comprehensive Partnership and Cooperation Agreement undoubtedly places Kazakhstan on a par with China and other major countries that are very important for the European Union. In the future there is still need for ratification in the Council of the European Union and this always happens at the level of heads of states. I’m sure that the EU Council will support it and the European Parliament has an influence. I am sure that Kazakhstan and the European Union are moving to a fundamentally new level of relations. These truly big opportunities were beyond the scope of previous agreements or individual treaties.

According to member of Riga City Council, Maksims Tolstojs, the agreement on expanded partnership and cooperation between Kazakhstan and the European Union approved by the European Parliament opens new opportunities for a mutually beneficial trade and economic ties between Latvia and Kazakhstan.  


- It is very important to us. These are not only the relations between Latvia and Kazakhstan, but also the relations of Asia and the European Union. Now we must have some legal instrument through which the trade relations will develop and we expect a lot from this.