Experts have called N. Nazarbayev's book "The Era of Independence" a unique historical document

Kazakhstan's development model: its evolution, basic principles, mechanisms and driving forces. Experts have called Nursultan Nazarbayev's book "The Era of Independence" a unique historical document, which reflects the history of the whole state and people. The facts provided in the book are given by a person who became not only a participant, but also a creator of the history of Kazakhstan.


 - This is a new look at our new history because the president tells about the newest history of Kazakhstan through the prism of three modernization stages. First, when did the first modernization take place? It was in 1991-1995. The second modernization refers to 1996-1999, then in the 2000s. The third stage of modernization has begun in 2015. This is a great historical book.

Academician, Professor Seit Kaskabasov notes that the President summarizes his personal experience and sets out the newest history of Kazakhstan in the book "The Era of Independence". Therefore, the book becomes an important document, which will always be interesting to read.


 - This book is special, unlike other works of the President. It covers the 30-year history of the Kazakh people. Its value lies in the fact that the 30-year history is divided into three stages of development. I believe that this book can be considered a history of independence.

"The Era of Independence" is written in the genre of historical journalism. The book was published in Kazakh and Russian languages and consists of four parts. It is mostly devoted to three stages of Kazakhstan’s modernization. According to experts, this work is a direction for the future: it sets out development goals.