Kazakhstan’s role in international arena

Kazakhstan’s role in international arena

Kazakhstan, known for its global initiatives, has established itself as a reliable and strategic partner in the Eurasian space and on the world stage. According to experts, this is primarily due to the republic’s foreign policy, good-neighborly relations and the role as a peacemaker. Analysts highlight that at present the whole world sees Kazakhstan as the anchor of stability in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is conducting a transparent economic policy and creating a favorable investment climate, which is highly valued by foreign businessmen.


 - I remember the visit of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to Poland very well. More than one thousand business representatives gathered at the business forum. This was a powerful impetus to establishing business contacts. I want to note that at present, the Poles have a visa-free entry to Kazakhstan. A direct flight between Warsaw and Astana was launched in May, this is also very important. As for business, our Polish entrepreneurs are interested in cooperation, especially in agriculture.

Latvia and Kazakhstan have established close friendly relations, constructive and open dialogue at all levels over the years of Kazakhstan’s independence. There is also a great potential in the joint development of Eurasian transit traffic and in expanding economic partnership.


 - First of all, I must say that this year was productive in terms of cooperation with Kazakhstan. I also visited EXPO in Kazakhstan. There was a transport week of Latvia, where we met with businessmen from Kazakhstan. Much has been done regarding the joint rail links. I think that our joint cooperation is advancing every year.

The head of the National Library of Ukraine noted that Kazakhstan is a successful example for many countries. During the years of Independence, the republic has not only introduced new technologies, but also trained world-class specialists, the expert believes. He also highlighted that the OSCE chairmanship and successful work in the UN Security Council is a testament to Kazakhstan's high achievements in the world arena.


 - We salute to President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, the leader whose name is known in the entire world, and whose moral qualities are not questioned anywhere in the world. We have heard a lot about those effective measures taken by the President and implemented by Kazakhstan’s government. We heard about the country’s modernization, introduction of new technologies and modern governance system, world-scale staff training, which is truly valuable for a country.