26 years of Independence of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is celebrating its Independence Day. The republic declared itself a sovereign, independent state on December 16, 1991. Many political and economic reforms have been carried out in the country over 26 years of independence. The state has successfully integrated into the world economy and achieved significant results such as the accession to the World Trade Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as joining the world’s TOP-50 competitive countries.


 - Kazakhstan has demonstrated a great economic growth. At the same time, it should be noted that the economic growth was associated not only with oil, but also with investments in general, many businessmen came here and started investing in our economy. Competent policy in the sphere of attracting investments and competent fight against the shadow economy led to a big economic growth.

According to international experts, in 26 years of independence, Kazakhstan has retained the greatest wealth - stability and inter-ethnic accord. According to them, the consultative and advisory body the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan has played an important stabilizing role in the formation of the state. There are no analogues of such organization in the CIS. Kazakhstan's model of public consent received international recognition and proved to be effective.


 - First of all, I would like to note that Kazakhstan is a unique state in the post-Soviet space, since this state has managed to maintain stability in its own country, and in foreign relations, it maintains friendly relations with all countries. Kazakhstan was able to preserve its national identity and adapt to modern and complex globalization conditions during independence. Very few post-Soviet states have made such achievements in domestic and foreign policy. Therefore, Kazakhstan is an example of stability, consistency and national unity!

In more than a quarter of a century of independence, Kazakhstan has won a high status and prestige on the international arena. At present, the republic is the leader in the anti-nuclear movement. Kazakhstan closed the Semipalatinsk test site in 1991 and headed the world anti-nuclear movement, launched the international project "ATOM". Kazakhstan has become the initiator and co-author of the Universal Declaration on Building a World Free of Nuclear Weapons adopted by the UN General Assembly. In addition, Kazakhstan demonstrated a powerful peacekeeping potential. Such important initiatives as the decision to hold talks on the Syrian settlement in Astana, on Iran's nuclear program in Almaty and the establishment of the Conference on Confidence Building Measures in Asia have caused resonance and recognition on the international arena. Kazakhstan is now promoting its global initiatives and peacekeeping projects on the most authoritative platform of the world - in the UN Security Council, being its non-permanent member. In January next year, Kazakhstan will assume the chairmanship in the main organ of the UN.


 - This path was wonderful. They have formed a country, they have formed a leadership, and they have set their priorities. Undoubtedly, in terms of politics, these are the priorities of the entire world, these are the priorities of a non-nuclear country, and these are the principles of good-neighborliness both in the Central Asian region and with all countries of the world. This is, no doubt, the verbalized by President Nazarbayev the manifesto "Peace. XXI century", which opens up even some new horizons for the reflection to all who live on our planet. I want to share this great joy and wish many more centuries of independence to beautiful Kazakhstan. 

Kazakhstan citizens are marking the 26th anniversary of independence with good development indicators. New industrial-innovative enterprises are opening across the country creating new jobs. Experts admit that at present Kazakhstan is a successful country, striving to take its place among the most advanced countries in the world. This is evidenced by growing world rankings positions of Kazakhstan.