Launch of cast iron production

The cast iron production plant in Tekeli, Almaty region, will release the first batch of products by the Independence Day. The plant was built on the basis of the region’s largest lead-zinc plant. Over 20 billion tenge have been invested in the new production. Most of the funds have already been utilized.


 - The equipment is ready for the start of cast iron production.  Material is being accumulated at the moment. The concentrating plant will be launched nearly in the middle of this month.

The reconstruction of the concentrating plant became the first stage of the plant construction. Preparations are under way for the launch of the enterprise. Enriched iron concentrate is being procured. It will be the main source of raw materials..


 - The factory’s projected capacity is one thousand tonnes per day. The capacity of two blast furnaces is 400 thousand tonnes per year.

The plant will produce at least 400,000 tonnes of cast iron per year. In the long term, the launch of the second blast furnace will increase the output and the number of jobs.


 - Only Kazakhstan citizens work here. All this was assembled by the builders who came from Oskemen, Temirtau and Almaty. At the same time, most of the building materials are produced in Kazakhstan. A similar enterprise exists only in Temirtau.

Cast iron produced in Tekeli will be sent to the Pavlodar pipe mill. It will also be exported to Russia and China.