Almaty plans to install a memorial plaque for famous Hungarian orientalist Gyorgy Almasy

Almaty plans to install a memorial plaque for famous Hungarian orientalist Gyorgy Almasy

Almaty plans to install a memorial plaque for famous Hungarian orientalist, Gyorgy Almasy who is the first scientist to introduce the Central Asian peoples to the world. A hundred years ago, an ethnographer conducted expeditions to the Ilye River, Issyk-Kul and the Tian Shan Mountains. Based on the results of the research, the scientist issued a book, "Journey to the Heart of Asia".


 - In fact, Gyorgy Almasy is one of the first who conducted a large expedition from Europe to Central Asia. His photographs were one of the first to be brought to Europe. This is how the European community learned about people in Central Asia. Europeans learned about nationalities, folk music, clothing and lifestyle of the Central Asian peoples.

During the Zhetisu expedition, the orientalist conducted numerous studies and collected data. His seven hundred-page scientific work included more than 200 photos. In the beginning of the 20th century, the researcher discovered the endangered tigers inhabiting the Kazakh steppes. The scientist’s valuable scientific heritage was introduced to well-known Kazakh Turkologists at a seminar exposition.


 - For the first time we are presenting photos by Almasy to the public. Secondly, we agreed with Hungarian scientists to publish these books. Thirdly, we hope that the Hungarian-Kazakh relations will be strengthened owing to popularization of the scientist’s work. We are very grateful to Almasy who explored these lands a hundred years ago by traveling all over Zhetisu.

Orientalist Gyorgy Almasy also studied zoology and ornithology. The success of the Hungarian scientist and his unique research continue to inspire his followers. A documentary film about his first trip to Central Asia was showcased to participants of the event.


 - I have been studying the Kazakh ethnography and traditions for 20 years. I published many scientific articles. We study the historical and cultural ties between cumans, Hungarian kipchaks and Kazakhs.

Almasy's scientific works were published in English and Russian, and soon they will be published in Kazakh. The scientists believe that a great number of ethnographers will have an opportunity to learn about the first research on Central Asia.