Investment potential of Central Asia

Investment potential of Central Asia

According to international experts, integration processes in Central Asia increased the investment potential of the region. Experts say that joint implementation of new projects in different industries led to an improvement of an economic situation. This partly influenced the foreign investors’ interest in the Central Asian states. Experts also highlight that strengthening the countries’ partnership will contribute to the attractiveness of infrastructure projects for foreign business. According to the Japanese entrepreneurs, today Kazakhstan has earned trust in the international arena and has initiated large-scale transformations in the region.


 - In 25 years of independence, Kazakhstan's achievements have been recognized internationally. The country is developing energy, oil and gas as well as its mining industry. Kazakhstan initiates integration processes in the region, and other countries aren’t against creating a single economic zone. I think this is a key to improving an overall situation. This attracts foreign investors to the region. For example, our company is interested in investing in the safety engineering of infrastructure facilities. Negotiations are underway in this direction.

The expert also highlighted that today Kazakhstan’s transit potential and participation in major international projects, such as the Silk Road Economic Belt, are of great interest to investors. He said that the launch of the Astana International Financial Center will contribute to the enhancement of the foreign investment.