The 15 new tourist routes of holy places were developed in the Almaty region

Kazakhs and foreign travelers got the opportunity to discover Kazakhstan’s history by visiting ancient archaeological sites and holy places. The 15 new tourist routes of holy places were developed in the Almaty region. One of the routs is Bes ata which includes mausoleums of five outstanding people, Yeskeldy bi, Aitu bi, Balpyk bi, Zholbarys batyr and Karymbai. Well-known bis of the region participated in the Kazakh-Dzungarian wars and in peacetime they resolved the most complex litigations. A regional map of holy places included 57 facilities including the Tamgaly archaeological complex, the Issyk burial mounds, the Khan Tengri peak and the Charyn canyon.


 - We liked it. Thanks to this program, people with special needs got the opportunity to get acquainted with history and spend time with benefit. I believe that it is necessary to visit such places. We should know our history and ancestors.

Over a million Russian tourists visited Kazakhstan within six months. One of the favorite places for recreation is picturesque corners of the North Kazakhstan region. The map of holy places of the region includes 14 facilities. For example, visitors can discover the history of the Botai ancient settlement. Scientists have proved that a horse was domesticated in Northern Kazakhstan for the first time. The tourists can also head to excursions to holy places, including the Karasai and Agyntai Batyrs Memorial Complex, the Shokan Ualikhanov Museum.


- From a historical point of view, these lands are very important. Besides, they are holy places. Nature of the Aiyrtau area is very beautiful. People come to rest here from not only our region, but also from Russia and other countries.