A unique book exhibition opened in Astana

A unique book exhibition opened in Astana. It presents the works of the Head of State published since Kazakhstan gained independence. Residents and guests of the capital are given the opportunity to see the contents of about a thousand books. Many works by Nursultan Nazarbayev have been translated into various foreign languages ​​. Exhibition visitors can see books in Kazakh, Russian, English and other languages. According to the organizers, all the presented volumes are kept in the fund of the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan. Along with the books, a unique photo archive is presented at the exhibition that is being held to mark the Day of the First President and the Independence Day.


 - Books in Kazakh language written in the Latin script published from 1929 to the 1940s are also displayed at the exhibition. There are also publications about the role of the Head of State in the formation of the republic, and also about the recognition of Kazakhstan in the international arena. All these books are exhibited here.