Innovative Central Asia

Astana hosted a forum on the innovative economy which gathered young people of Central Asia. Representatives of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan discussed different kinds of innovations that could become a source of profit. The British Council organized the event. The United Kingdom is a leader in the innovative economy. This industry makes up 3% of the UK’s GDP.


- High technologies and innovations that have spread to different areas of society are becoming the driving forces of economic growth. Astana thanks to the expo has proved that it has a potential for growth to develop the innovative industry. The number of innovative facilities will only grow.

One should not necessarily come up with large-scale projects to be useful and creative. It is enough to develop simple and affordable solutions that can improve the quality of life. For example, even a small business card can be considered creativity. This is evidenced by the Kyrgyz platform "DILDEN" which brought together artists, designers and architects.


4 years ago, when this platform appeared, business cards in Kyrgyzstan were more common. We started making unusual cards, business cards, diaries. Creative business card will cost from five hundred thousand tenge and above. Do you feel the difference? And this difference is only based on the idea.

In addition to publishing, cinema, architecture, music and advertising can also bring revenue. During the forum, young specialists discussed ways to develop other areas.