Book ‘Nursultan Nazarbayev. Biography’ published in Azerbaijani language

Presentation of the book named "Nursultan Nazarbayev. Biography" in the Azerbaijani language was held in Astana. The event was attended by representatives of foreign diplomatic missions, heads of science academies of Bashkortostan, Azerbaijan, Tatarstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. Since the release in 2012, Mahmud Kasymbekov's book about the President of Kazakhstan has been published in English, Arabic, French and other languages. Translation into Azerbaijani language was made by journalist and publicist Aida Eivazly.   


 - The book about our President is published in the Azerbaijani language as a sign of respect to the Kazakh people, to the First Kazakh President from fraternal Azerbaijan. The book has been published in Kazakh, Russian, English, German, Korean, Arabic, Hungarian, Serbian, French, Turkish and Chinese languages. We are pleased that it has now become available for Azerbaijani readers, for citizens of the neighboring country.

Previously, the book by Makhmud Kasymbekov was presented in Baku. The foreword to the biography was written by Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan on socio-political issues, Professor Ali Hasanov. He highlights the role of the Kazakh President in the development of today's Kazakhstan and in strengthening friendship between the fraternal countries.


 - The personality of Nursultan Nazarbayev is very interesting for Azerbaijan and for the whole Turkic world. He is perceived as a wise leader, statesman, and the initiator of many peace processes. He is always one of the first to call for peace in the most difficult situations. As I was translating, I realized that he truly values peace in the world.

The idea to translate the book came up to president of International Turkic Academy Darkhan Kydyrali. It took one year to do the translation, Aida says. The book about the President of Kazakhstan became some sort of a manual of how to become a leader for her.


 - The book tells how a person can be tempered in the path dedicated to the people. I am sure that this book will become another contribution to the friendship between our countries and peoples, and will be appreciated by the readers.

The authors intend to present copies of the book to the Azerbaijans living in Kazakhstan. The book is available in all libraries of Baku.