Kazakhstan to cultivate sweet potato

Sweet potatoes will be grown in Kazakhstan. Korean scientists from the Institute of Biotechnology have been sharing their experience of growing sweet potato with Kazakhstani colleagues for three years. During this time plantations of sweet potatoes have been created in three regions of Kazakhstan. The harvest was twice bigger than in South Korea. Sweet potatoes adapted to Kazakhstan's climatic conditions in the laboratory. Sprouts are not watered to create drought resistant species. Weak seedlings die, and the remaining ones are rooted.


- Kazakhstan has a huge territory, and Korea has technologies. We are ready to share our 25 years’ experience on cultivating sweet potato. At the first stage it is necessary to select best species that can be grown in your country. Consumption of sweet potato can reduce blood pressure, sugar level and prevent obesity. It can also be used to prevent oncological diseases.

Sweet potato is the sixth most demanded food product in the Korean rating after rice, pepper, onion, garlic and potato. This vegetable is considered waste-free. Its leaves are used to make a salad. The crop can be consumed either cooked or raw. According to professor Yin Dong-Su, the crop is in high demand among Koreans.


- Sweet potato has its own diseases; therefore the import of fresh untreated root vegetables is prohibited. At present, sweet potato is imported in the cooled form, steamed or in the form of chips from Indonesia or Malaysia. I think that sweet potato farming has a great potential because Kazakhstan has enough cultivation area.

Scientists say that sweet potato is a promising crop for Kazakhstan. This potato is resistant to various viral, fungal and bacterial diseases. This allows increasing its yield by several times.