Week of Kazakhstan’s economy

A week of Kazakhstan's economy was held in Germany. Kazakhstan’s economic and investment opportunities have been presented to businessmen in the major cities of Germany. The leading businessmen of Germany and Eastern Europe came to the conference in Munich. Representatives of Kazakh Invest talked about business support measures of the government and the reforms that are carried out in Kazakhstan. The republic offers customs wavers, tax exemptions and comprehensive support at all stages of investment activity for foreign businessmen. Delegates highlight that such privileges make Kazakhstan even more attractive. At present, German entrepreneurs are looking at the Kazakhstan market with great interest.


- Kazakhstan plays one of the central roles today and everyone highlights the great potential Kazakhstan has. Speaker from Kazakhstan informed about investment opportunities in industry, about privatization, and those steps in the reforms that were made in Kazakhstan. I think this aroused great interest among the audience. We are planning big new joint actions. Recently we had a very intensive business dialogue with President Nazarbayev in Sochi. I am optimistic about our cooperation.

Many German concerns with a worldwide reputation have long been represented in Kazakhstan. Among them are one of the largest manufacturers of building materials in the world. The management of the company, which was among the first to invest in Kazakhstan, intends to open new plants in the republic.


- Our family business has been working in Kazakhstan for a long time. Even then, I thought that investing in such a large country is profitable and we never regretted. We believe that we will continue investing in Kazakhstan in the future. This is a country with an open economy, and of course, it is interesting to everyone. I want to note, we do not import anything, we manufacture products in Kazakhstan from Kazakhstan resources. We hire locals. Kazakhstan is a country with great opportunities. We see prospects in the west of the country and want to invest there.

More meetings will take place in Frankfurt, Bremen and Gunnover. Businessmen from all regions of Germany will be able to learn about investment opportunities in Kazakhstan. Experts say that such events expand business contacts between the countries and strengthen business relations from year to year.