Industrial development

The projects which were launched as part of the industrialization program gave a new impetus to development of Kazakhstan’s regions. For example, there are 90 projects worth 782 billion tenge which are included in the industrialization map of the Akmola region. Today 70% of this project plan has been accomplished.

This cement manufacturing plant was launched two months ago and now it has already produced 50,000 tonnes of goods. Furthermore, within a year the enterprise plans to produce up to two million tonnes of cement. Three gold extraction factories will be built at the Kazakhaltyn enterprise in Stepnogorsk. It is planned to hire more than 700 people and process up to 7 million tonnes of ore per year. Near the Aksu village construction of one of these facilities is going to finish. The opening of the enterprise is scheduled for the industrialization day.


-The enterprise’s uniqueness is in the fact that we are going to process techno genic mineral deposits which for many years the Kazakhaltyn had thrown out after the ore processing.

The elevator manufacturing plant has been set up in the Kosshy village near Astana. The available resources allow the enterprise to produce up to two 2000 elevators and 300 escalators per year, while local content of a final product makes up more than 60%.


-We have worked for only three years and during this time we have accomplished a lot of work. The most important to us is international EXPO 2017. Within three months we had installed 77 elevators and 8 escalators.

This KAMAZ-Engineering plant which assembles trucks was launched in 2005 with the participation of the Head of State. Today the enterprise continues to increase its production volumes. Potential capacity makes up to 3000 units of vehicles per year with the possibility of increasing the production output to 10, 000 trucks. For 12 years the plant had mastered 38 basic models of automotive equipment. Since 2010, as part of the state program of industrial-innovative development, 74 projects worth 160 billion tenge have been implemented in the Akmola region. In the next 2 years it is planned to launch another 26 productions in the region.