World Children's Day

World Children's Day

It is indeed a special day, as today it’s a worldwide celebration of the World Children's Day!  The UN General Assembly proclaimed the holiday back in 1954. It focuses on activities that aim at ensuring the well-being of children throughout the world. There were two more significant events on November 20, specifically, the adoption of the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child which was signed in 1989.


- Kazakhstan is becoming an active part in both international activities and issues related to the rights of children at the national level. You might have heard that the President of Kazakhstan, Mr. Nazarbayev signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1994. Since then, there has been really good progress in a number of areas including health, education and social development. Therefore, I think that we are welcoming this international holiday with success.

Traditionally, various activities are held throughout the world on this day. For example, the UNICEF’s fund in Kazakhstan organized a tour for schoolchildren in the capital's Kazmedia center. Kids got acquainted with the work of journalists of the Khabar Agency and visited the robotic television studio, which has no analogue in the CIS. Many of children realized their dream since they plan to connect their life with journalism in the future.


- I like the work of a journalist and professionalism. It was a new experience for me. Kazmedia center has a choice for individuality. Everyone can choose the best profession. In case of journalism, it is choosing a range of information.

As part of the holiday, the country is hosting other activities for children. The main goal is to give a child the right to express their needs and interests.